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Center for Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research (CMDITR)Photonics Wiki
This wiki is a reference collection on research in photonics, organic electronics and organic photovoltaics.

This wiki was created by the Center for Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research -NSF Grant #0120967

File:CEI_logo_tag_color.360x105.jpg‎ The Photonicswiki is now being administered by the University of Washington Clean Energy Institute (CEI)

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Photonics Core Concepts and Applications

Concept Map CMDITR

This graphic was created by processing the CMDITR 2009 annual report in the Wordle program. The larger the word the more times it appeared in the text.

Basics of Light

Optical Fibers, Waveguides, and Lasers

Molecular Orbitals

Electronic Band Structure of Organic Materials

Absorption and Emission of Light

Transport Properties

Liquid Crystals and Displays

Organic Light Emitting Diodes

Blue phosphorescent OLED developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Organic Solar Cells

OPV Test Cells

Organic Electronics

Non linear Optics and Devices

Quantum Mechanical and Perturbation Theory of Polarizability

Second-order Processes, Materials & Characterization

Third-order Processes, Materials & Characterization

Organic Photonics Applications in Information Technology

Photonics Integration

Research Equipment, Devices and Techniques

These wiki pages include training videos produced at University of Washington, University of Arizona, Georgia Tech, and Norfolk State University. These videos can also be accessed through the | CMDITR YouTube channel






Device Fabrication

In Development

Professional Development for Research and Career Planning

Acronyms and Unit Abbreviations

External Education Links

K-12 Outreach Kits and Labs

Middle School

High School

Introductory College

Suggested Wiki Sequence By Audience

Photonics Wiki Showcase

Concept Map

Credits and Reviewers

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