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The scanning electron microscope is used to image the surface of a conducting sample by scanning it with a high energy beam of electrons. The SEM is a useful tool for photonics research because it reveals nano-scale surface features and topography that is critical to the performance of multi-layer devices. SEM produces dramatic pictures that reveal 3D shapes and shadows.


Some SEMs have additional software enhancements than enable them to focus the beam on a photomask for E-beam lithography or are equipped for focused ion beam (FIB) milling. SEM can be equipped with attachments so it be used for elemental analysis using Energy Disspersive X-ray spectroscopy EDAX.


Part 1 Tour and Sample Preparation

Part 2 Loading the Sample

Part 3 Setting the Working Distance

Part 4 Lens Alignment and Stigmation

Part 5 Moving the Stage and Imaging

Part 6 Changing the Sample and Shutdown

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